1904 Report: Giant Bones Found in Winnemuca, NV

Tour Info The Taney County Republican: February 25, 1904 Q Could these bones have belonged to one of the legendary red-haired giants of Lovelock Cave?

Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox

Megalithic Marvels founder Derek Olson interviews explorer, film-maker & author Timothy Alberino to discuss his news of a new elongated skull discovery from an 8ft+ tall being, his upcoming TV show & the enigmas surrounding the mysterious elongated skull culture known as the Paracas. Enjoy the video or podcast version of this exclusive interview below. … Continue reading Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox

Unearthing the Royal Kurgan

February, 1837 - Kerch Crimea. After several years of exhaustive excavation trying find a way inside the giant earthen mound, archaeologist Anton Ashik & his weary team of explorers finally open the hidden entrance to one of the greatest megalithic marvels ever discovered between Europe & Asia - what has come to be known as the … Continue reading Unearthing the Royal Kurgan

Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020

Adj. megalithic - of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths 2020 was a very tough year for all of us, yet some of the greatest research and discoveries regarding prehistory, megalithic structures, lost technology, giants of antiquity & ancient civilizations took place. From the many videos, podcasts & articles I have enjoyed, below I have compiled my top 20 favorite resources created this … Continue reading Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020


An Investigative Series Into the Origin of Ancient Giants Read Part V The Northern Campaign: The 7 Mighty Nations: Discerning “Bone Crushing” Nations: Rephaim and Hybrids. By Gary Wayne – Author of "The Genesis 6 Conspiracy" Gen 15:18 "In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given … Continue reading NEPHILIM WARS VI