Kennewick Man Conspiracy: Did “The Ancient One” have an Elongated Skull & Six Fingers?

A Megalithic Marvels World-Wide Exclusive

By Mark A. Carpenter


New discoveries emerge everyday. Space-age technology is facilitating a deluge of fresh insight. As a result of this flood of information, our understanding is in a constant state of  flux. In July of 1996, a skull was stumbled onto by a couple floating down the Columbia River in Columbia Park, Kennewick, Washington. Hidden under a shadow of scientific misconduct, these ancient bones whisper disturbing secrets to any wise enough to listen.

Kennewick Man   

The couple’s discovery of the skull sparked a nine-year-long toxic dumpster-fire of legal battles, scientific sketchiness, ethnic tension exacerbation, and in the end, culminated in a complete distortion of one of the most ancient skeletons ever discovered in North America. Carbon tests date Kennewick Man, whom the Native American tribes refer to as “The Ancient One,” to around 9,000 BCE. This makes him one of the most important discoveries in the history of North American archaeology. Multiple, nasty controversies erupted over Kennewick Man, the first between scientists in heated debates about his origins and ethnicity. The second, revolved around the Umatilla Tribe’s legal demands for the remains to be repatriated back to his ancestral burial grounds. The ugly battle ended with the remains being repatriated near where he was discovered, in a ceremony presided over by two-hundred Umatilla.

Columbia River in Kennewick, WA / Photo by

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

The Smithsonian, National Geographic, The Army Core of Engineers, and the Bureau of Land Management are all old-guard institutions of the United States. These organizations hold tight a dominant position inside the human-history narrative information curve. It is these bureaucrats who control the public relations campaigns, scientific interpretation, and land access involving these discoveries. The Universities, their grants, their endowments, and the beating heart of the human origins-American archaeology narrative – are their monopolized domain. For any reasonably honest, upstanding person, it is difficult to comprehend the motives for corruption, or the possibility of incompetence from such highly esteemed institutions and their officials; however, it would be quite naïve to blindly accept authoritative positions – a sin warned against by scientists like Albert Einstein. According to Galileo, one who does not know the truth, is only a fool, but he who knows the truth, and calls it a lie, is a criminal. By that standard, fools and criminals have run amok and are obstructing the public’s new understanding that would and should flow from these discoveries.

An original photograph of the “Kennewick Man” skull compared with one of the Paracas, Peru skulls

The Distorted Skull of “The Ancient One

In total, around three-hundred bones of Kennewick Man were recovered, making him relatively complete for such an ancient skeleton. Being the controversial storm that it was, there was great mainstream-media interest and pursuit of photos and comments from the Smithsonian. The more clout the journalist has, the more access and connections they have. The top dog journalists with the inside track (NPR, CBS, and Smithsonian Magazine) published stories containing official photographs of the entire collection of bones.

In all three brass media publications, the photographs clearly show that “The Ancient One’s” cranium is radically deformed and elongated. Without going too deep into the worldwide phenomenon of prehistoric cranial deformation, suffice it to say, that very ancient and very deformed skulls have been discovered all over the planet, which is quite the controversial mystery. The establishment insists, with limited, but bordering on feeble evidence, that these cultures universally and independently conjured up the practice of “infant head binding,” to modify the shape of the cranium as a symbol of status. The small rebel faction of researchers argues convincingly, that the deformities are anatomical beyond the capabilities of body modification, like in the case of the ancient, infant mummy known as the Detmold Child.

The Replica Cover-Up Exposed  

The degree of deformation of Kennewick Man’s skull is up there with some of the most wildly deformed skulls ever discovered. Similar to those of the ancient Paracas Culture of Peru, where skulls have been found that are conical shaped and missing sagittal sutures (biological joints where the skulls fuses itself from birth). In some cases far more cranial volume, none of which can be accounted for via any form of body modification, obviously points to these as genetic traits which many researchers, alternative and even mainstream have pointed out.

An original photograph of the “Kennewick Man” skull compared with the skull replica now on display

But, ever since the initial wave of alpha journalists with their direct access, only images of the replicas have been presented, and you can bet the farm those are all that will ever be displayed going forward. It is insultingly obvious that the entire structure of the skull has been altered, so that it looks only like a slightly odd Homo sapien cranium. In observable reality, it is plain to see that the volume and length of the skull is tremendously disproportionate and fascinatingly bizarre. Not only that, but the eye sockets must be in the neighborhood of fifty-percent greater diameter than that of an average Homo sapien.

The Ancient One Had Six Fingers But Not a Word

The Smithsonian photographs provided to the alphas of journalism reveal more than just the discrepancy between replica skull dimensions and the original skull. Under careful inspection of Kennewick Man’s right hand, five finger bones are clearly identifiable, but despite having five fingers – the thumb is missing. Therefore, “The Ancient One” not only had an elongated skull, he had six fingers too. It is simply not possible, no matter how incompetent they may be, that Smithsonian scientists did not recognize this fact.

Despite clearly showing five finger bones for his right hand, Kennewick Man’s thumb bone appears to be missing. / Photo by

A 2016, anthropologist Patricia Crown of the University of New Mexico conducted studies on the remains of the ruling elites of Prehistoric Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. Just for a bit of backstory for any who may be unfamiliar, Chaco Canyon is a mysterious and massive cluster of ancient ruins far from any natural resources. These ruins are a precise arrangement of cosmogram (astro-theological temple shrines) that feature sunken ceremonial chambers called kivas. Crown’s work, published in 2016 in the journal American Antiquity, revealed that the ruling elites had six fingers and six toes, and that this feature was revered as a sign of their semi-divine lineage.

Before departing the mysterious Chaco Canyon and all its secrets, it must be mentioned as yet another disturbing discovery, that Dr. Christy Turner of Arizona State University, proved ritual cannibalism on a mass scale definitively in his study Man Corn: Cannibalism and Violence in the American Southwest. Christy is primarily focused on the human taxonomy of the victims, whereas Crown the polydactyly of the ruling elite, but when you combine their work together, it becomes clear that these six-fingered sorcerers were the perpetrators of a cruel, vicious, and cannibalistic cult that dominated the region for centuries.

 A Rabbit Hole Rollercoaster Abyss

Anatomical deformities, huge physical stature, sacred subterranean spaces, prehistoric antiquity, abduction, black magic/sorcery via ritual murder, these elements collide time-and-time-again in the haunting mosaics of Native American and Mesoamerican Traditions. Accounts often dismissed as folklore or myth, now come crashing into reality by way of scientific discoveries, but then, this integration of new information is not occurring. These are little tidbit articles, no different than an exotic piece of pottery being discovered. There were no mass-media headlines, “Scientists Discover Giants Existed!” or maybe “Native American and Biblical Myths Vindicated!” It also has to be noted, that in light of the hoaxes perpetrated by the Smithsonian regarding the distortion of Kennewick Man’s skull, and omission of polydactyly, their measurements of his size are fatally compromised.

Nephilim: Nothing New Under the Sun

These same elements not only appear in Native American and Mesoamerican Traditions, but also within the Biblical narrative. The Nephilim were described as non-human human-hybrids, purveyors of demonic, false religion, gigantic in stature, lawless, cannibalistic, poly-dactyls, and worshiped by the Homo sapiens as demigods. They were brought to near extinction by the famous deluge of Noah, but, the narrative also states that Nephilim did survive the flood, and that their further hybridized descendants lived on. In all the narratives, mainstream science, Biblical, Native American, Siberian (The Mansi Culture), to Chinese, to Mayan, to Rapa Nui, all the narratives recognize conflict between Homo sapiens and the cave dwelling/netherworld giants who were annihilated. This is why the “myth” of the giant slayer is universal, not because it is a Jungian archetype from which all people collectively imagine the same fiction, no, hard science has proven that powerful, violent, hunter hominids lived in caves long ago, and were pushed to the brink of extinction by inter-species violence with Homo sapiens. As the axiom goes, when legend becomes fact … print the legend.

By Mark A. Carpenter


Gill, George (2014), “Cranial features that reflect population affinities”, in Douglas W. Owsley; Richard L. Jantz (eds.), Kennewick Man, The Scientific Investigation of an Ancient American Skeleton, Texas A&M University Press

Sidder, Aaron. “Extra Fingers and Toes Were Revered in Ancient Culture.” National Geographic 25 July 2016.

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Cover photo image provided by

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