Ancient Anomalies of the American Southeast & Northeast

When the European colonists stumbled upon the new world, they found a thriving culture previously settled by the Native Americans. However, as the colonists began to push westward they began to discover the remains of another culture that seemed to predate the Native Americans by thousands of years. Huge balancing rocks, stone structures, petroglyphs as well as giant earthen mounds – constructed with an ancient knowledge & mathematics, had withstood the ages of time & were found unscathed by severe climate conditions and earthquakes over the millennia. As the settlers would come across these mounds, they would often excavate and dig inside of them, and to their amazement find the remains of giant skeletons often measuring anywhere from seven to ten plus feet in length. Sometimes the excavators reported finding the giant skeletons wearing copper ornaments and possessing strange robust skulls  – some large enough to slip over an average man’s head.  Megalithic Marvels recently interviewed author and researcher Mark A. Carpenter regarding the ancient anomalies of the American southeast & northeast, specifically: Old Stone Fort (Tennessee), Judaculla Rock (North Carolina), statue of the Moon Eyed People (North Carolina) and the enigmatic cairns and balancing rocks of the Lake Champlain & Hudson Valley areas. Enjoy this interview below

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