Megalithic Marvels of Egypt Tour Coming February 2022

You are invited to join Megalithic Marvels founder Derek Olson & renowned Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim for the adventure of a lifetime – a 13 day expedition to see & touch the worlds greatest ancient super structures – the megalithic marvels of Egypt. Get access to megalithic sites that most tourists don’t see & learn about the true megalithic/ pre-dynastic history of Egypt by hearing lectures & learning from our tour guide – Egyptian native & Egyptologist – Mohamed Ibrahim. Aside from the Luxury hotels, fine dining & nile river-boat cruises, some of the top highlights of our journey together will include:

  • A two hour long after hours private visit inside the most ancient & mysterious structure on earth – the Great Pyramid. We will see the Subterranean chamber, the so-called Queen’s chamber and the so-called King’s chamber.
  • Exploration of what’s known as the Valley Temple to see the monstrous precision stones & then take a visit inside the enclosure of Great Sphinx where you will be able to literally stand in between the paws of the Sphinx and see the water erosion in the enclosure that we believe points to the Sphinx & the Giza Pyramids being much more ancient that mainstream archaeology professes.
  • A private visit to the megalithic subterranean structure of Osirion to see the larger-than-life pillars.
  • A drive to Saqqara, home of the Step Pyramid where we will visit the mystical Serapeum. This huge subterranean complex contains the mysterious 24 black granite boxes that were precision cut & weigh approx 100 tons each.
  • We will explore around the Great pyramid to see the unexplained machine-like cut marks in the basalt stone.
  • A drive to Dashur where we will visit both of the Red and Bent Pyramids.
  • A visit to the enigmatic Aswan granite quarry which features the 1,200-ton Unfinished Obelisk – a structure that very few cranes today could lift. This is more significant evidence of higher technologies used by the ancients.
  • A visit to Karnak, the world’s largest temple. This massive complex in Luxor was one of ancient Egypt’s grandest and most ambitious building projects. Its multiple temple buildings are monuments to a list of pharaohs who all wanted to stamp their mark on their kingdom’s most revered religious sanctuary.
  • We will sail by motorboat to Elephantine Island, where we will see the strange megalithic cut blocks that appear to have been ripped apart by an ancient cataclysm.
  • A drive to the northeast of Egypt to visit one of the most mystical spots in Egypt, Tel Basta and Tanis.
  • A visit to Abydos temple where we are going to see one of the most famous carvings of Egypt – the helicopter, which many believe displays an ancient flying craft.
  • A visit to the world famous Egyptian Museum where we will explore the exhibitions such as King Tut’s collection & look for the many “out of place artifacts” that are also displayed there.
  • A visit to Luxor to explore the Dendera, this temple was considered a centre of healing during the time of Ancient Egypt. Here we will see the unbelievable carvings, colors & the infamous Dendera light-bulb depiction – which many believe displays an ancient form of lighting technology.
  • An exploration of the sites on the West Bank including the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s Temple.
  • A visit to the gigantic twin statues known as the Colossi of Memnon.
  • A visit to the beautiful Isis Temple.
  • And so much more…

We hope that you will join us!


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