Virtual Tour: Brien Foerster at the Inti-Punku “Sun Gate”

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I recently came back from Peru where I was visiting some of the most ancient megalithic marvels on the planet. By megalithic, I am talking about construction that is thousands of years old – some estimate upwards of 10,000 + years, yet was made with an advanced technology that defies our greatest modern engineering of today.

D Olson

Located about an hour south of Cusco, and right off the highway, is a megalithic site called Inti-Punku – translated as the “Sun Gate.” Many tourists miss this incredible site on their way to see the much more well-known sites like Saqsaywaman and Ollantaytambo. Inti-Punku is a prime example of  two very different cultures and two very different forms of construction. Enjoy my virtual tour with commentary by author and explorer Brien Foerster below…

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