Hollow Earth Chronicles – Episode 1: The Dark Chambers

“The Dark Chambers is an action packed documentary film that excavates the ancient stories, oral tradition and religious beliefs surrounding the hollow earth complex; spotlighting the realm of the immortals, hybrid creatures, civilizations of giants and strange entities inhabiting these dark chambers. The adventure includes inner earth expeditions, underworld journeys, alleged entrances, UFO battles and most importantly, a biblical perspective of what exactly is going on beneath the shell that we live on.” 1

  • Written and directed by Justen Faull
  • Produced by Justen Faull, Chad Riley and Wes Faull

What I really enjoyed about episode 1 was…

  • The in-depth research and insightful commentary by Justen Faull.
  • The top-notch quality film production that went into this project.
  • The exclusive interviews of top researches Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, Timothy Alberino, Jim Wilhelmsen, Josh Peck, Chief Joseph Riverwind and Derek Gilbert.
  • The break-down of all of the ancient oral traditions, texts and Biblical references relating to hollow earth chambers, subterranean cities and supernatural entities.
  • The segment entitled “Arctic Conspiracies,” regarding Operation High-jump and U.S. Medal of Honor winner Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s expedition to the Antarctic with a fleet of 13 war ships and 4000 military personnel to explore hollow earth entrances was especially mind-blowing.
  • The film length of 2 hours and 17 minutes ensures that viewers get more than their moneys worth.

Purchase episode 1 HERE or view the trailer below

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References: 1 – fourthwatchfilms.com