REVIEW: “There Were Giants in the Earth” a Doc Marquis Film

In his new film, “There Were Giants in the Earth,” Doc Marquis takes his audience back in time to the prehistoric past when giants roamed the earth. With a backdrop of pyramids behind him, Doc teaches his viewers through each chapter of his writings in a seminar style setting that makes you feel like you are sitting right in the same room with him.doc-film

Looking back on his over 50 years worth of occult knowledge while showing an array of striking photographs, Doc methodically breaks down the following topics in-depth…

  • The Biblical origin of giants, their genetics and their various tribes. 
  • Giants in ancient mythology from around the world.
  • Giant architecture and the scale of the megalithic cities they built.
  • The history of the Smithsonian and it’s conspiracy of silence regarding giants.
  • The history of the phenomenon of crop circles and their connection to megalithic stone circles.
  • The purpose of crop formations, floating orbs and their connection with the occult.
  • How ancient petroglyphs relate to prehistoric giants

155356_1736703177853_213787_nUsing never before seen video footage, Doc reveals what he believes is the missing element to the equation of stone circles and crop formations and how it proves there is a direct connection between ancient giants and what many believe are aliens from outer space.

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